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About Alchemist Nation

About Alchemist Nation

We Are Building 100 Millionaires Who Are Inspired To Build 100 Millionaires!

Alchemist Nation is an easy-to-use community-based platform that allows our members to build their ideal business while simultaneously receiving the right knowledge, network & accountability to make it profitable and valuable.  

"As educators, we are absolutely obsessed with the growth, development, and achievements of our members."

Rewire your brain. 

Transform your worldview.

For you to become successful in life, you must think like a successful person. You must take on challenges without fearing failure. Because no matter how many times you lose, what matters is how many times you get back up on your feet, to 10X your chances of winning. With our daily dose of motivational videos, you will be equipped with enough willpower to execute your plans and start taking steps (big and small) towards real, financial freedom.

Find The Right Mentor

Get Closer To Your Goals

The right mentor for you is someone who has gone through the same troubles you’re going through NOW but broke free from them, and chose the same path you’re eager to choose. Since we have dozens of successful leaders in our community, you will have ample options to choose which particular mentor you want to connect with (and follow in their footsteps). 

Our course creators and mentors are proficiently creating the best empowering "edutainment" pieces of training, that include videos, audio, traditional and gamified courses. This allows our members to build and grow their own businesses that focus on global improvement, purpose, and collaboration 

Purpose Driven Coaches

Hand-Picked By Our Team.

Anyone can pretend to be a “guru” by renting mega-mansions or Lamborghinis, to lure you into buying impractical, “money-making” courses. We don’t tolerate that here. This is why: our coaches are curated by our team to ensure that you are connecting with real people. Some of our coaches do own mansions and exotic cars while others live frugally and earn six figures from their passive investments or businesses.

Our Core Values 

Commitment To Our 5-E’s 

  • Excellence – Consistently deliver the highest degree of quality training to everyone we reach
  • Entertain – Keep it light and fun to maintain engagement
  • Educate – Deliver the right knowledge to help members reach their goals
  • Empower – Provide a positive message that builds belief in members' abilities to succeed
  • Ethical – Everything we do must answer YES to the question, “is this moral, ethical & legal?”

Why We Do 

What We Do

The Education system is no longer effective and is designed to train a person for jobs that either don’t exist or are quickly being replaced by disruptive technologies. In fact, only 27% of college graduates end up with a job in the subject they received their degree in. Leaving 62% of college graduates who find that college didn’t give them the skills required to be successful and are working jobs they didn’t receive formal training in.

There is a major shift in the required skills to be successful in today's job market. The 5 sectors that we see strong demand for growth are Marketing, Sales, Business Acumen, Education & Affiliate Marketing.

Become a better, richer you.

Starting Today!

Transform into the person you are meant to be. Take your first step now and become a part of our growing community today (free of charge) towards living the financially free lifestyle you deserve.

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